BST-CarGel treatment

BST-CarGel is a treatment used in combination with surgical microfracture stimulation, which enables stem cells to be harvested. This combined approach promotes cartilage regeneration in isolated cartilage injuries. The technique is not suitable for treating osteoarthritis. BST-CarGel® treatment is applied by injection via a mini- arthrotomy (mini-incision) or an arthroscopy, both of which are performed by orthopedic surgeons trained in the technique.

BST-CarGel in<br>4 points

BST-CarGel in
4 points

  1. A minimally invasive, one-stage method of cartilage regeneration
  2. Suitable for most isolated cartilage injuries (not suitable for osteoarthritis)
  3. Results in a greater quantity and quality of cartilaginous tissue than microfracture surgery alone (the most commonly used technique)
  4. Highest standards of randomized clinical trials on cartilage regeneration

Why do we need a cartilage repair treatment?

Every year, millions of people injure their cartilage and these injuries are one of the main causes of chronic joint pain. An isolated cartilage injury is usually a secondary effect of a physical trauma or a disease (e.g. osteochondritis dissecans). If the damaged cartilage is not treated, it can lead to arthritis, which may itself degenerate and require joint replacement surgery. This type of pathology is different from the kind of degenerative joint disease caused by aging or trauma.

Why choose BST-CarGel<sup>®</sup> and how does it work?

Why choose BST-CarGel® and how does it work?

BST-CarGel® is an innovative new treatment that helps the healing process by using the patient’s own stem cells to repair the cartilage. The BST-CarGel® is mixed with some of the patient’s blood, building a kind of scaffolding and causing the stem cells to move to the injured area, where they will help to regenerate new cartilaginous cells. At the same time, the BST-CarGel® naturally breaks down.

What cases is BST-CarGel® suitable for?

BST-CarGel® is only used for repairing isolated cartilage injuries in joints such as knees, hips or ankles. It is not suitable for osteoarthritis.

Only an orthopedic surgeon can tell you whether or not you are a suitable candidate for this treatment.

What are the advantages of BST-CarGel®?

BST-CarGel® is a safe solution that helps the patient’s own body to regenerate cartilage. Clinical trials have shown that the product can produce better quality new cartilage than that produced by the usual surgical treatment.

What does the postoperative rehabilitation protocol comprise?

What does the postoperative rehabilitation protocol comprise?

After the procedure, patients need to use crutches to prevent them putting any weight on the joint concerned for around 6 to 8 weeks. For the best results, patients are advised to see a physiotherapist and follow any instructions their surgeon gives them once BST-CarGel® has been used.