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No preference Dr. Pierre Ranger Dr. David Blanchette Dr. Sébastien Guimond-Simard Dr. Greg Berry Dr. Sylvain Gagnon
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Total knee replacement - prosthesis Arthroscopy of the knee (meniscectomy, debridement, excision of joint mousse) Anterior Cruciate Ligament rupture Anterior Cruciate Ligament with LARS Posterior Cruciate Ligament rupture Patellar dislocation Arthroscopy and CARGEL intervention Subacromial impingement Rotator cuff tendinitis Bursitis Rotator cuff rupture Shoulder instability Total Hip Remplacement with prosthesis Nerve decompression (carpal tunnel) Tendon decompression (Trigger finger) Fasciectomy (Dupuytren's contracture) Excision of cyst Subacromial impingement Bursitis Tendinitis
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